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Dr. Janet Orion

What you will find on this site is a unique way to make precise, customized holistic, natural health choices that fit you and work for you…cost effective result oriented strategies without trial and error. 

There are resources, tips and ideas here to educate, entertain and inspire you to be more healthy, wealthy and wise…and to do much of it yourself. 

I hope you enjoy what you learn here.

Dr. Janet Orion, Natural Medicine Woman, Lifestyle Coach,  Former Holistic Chiropractor


Mentoring with Dr. Janet

Private personal holistic healthy choices coaching
and support.


Deep healing, real-ease and transformation. In person or video conferencing.

Kinesiology Simplified

Learn to always know what to do or not do for your highest good.

Ask Dr. Janet

Get holistic "second opinions" from a doctor of natural medicine and master kinesiologist.

Custom Health Strategies

Solve current concerns and prevent future problems with precision.

Natural Preparedness

Equip your home, car and travel bag with a natural farmacy/first aid kit and vital tools for ease and success.


Super Simple Holistic Tips For DIY Self-Health, Naturally.

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