The 9 Keys

to a healthy, wealthy and wise lifestyle, naturally.

The 9 Keys

1. Connection to Source/Divine Intelligence
2. Our Words
3. Breath
4. Water
5. Food/Drink
6. Supplements/Natural Therapies/Modalities
7. Movement/Exercise/Rest
8. Love and Community
9. Contribution, Money, Fulfillment

1. Connection to Source

I am an emanation of Source/God energy.

2. Word

The words we think and speak.

3. Breath

How and what we breathe.

4. Water

The quality and quantity of water.

5. Food

We are what we eat.

6. Supplements

Health supporting modalities.

7. Movement/Exercise/Rest

Motion, Stillness, Rest

8. Community

Family, Friends, Neighbors, Co-workers

9. Contribution

Being of service, Career, Finances

By evaluating these 9 keys aspects of your life and upleveling even one of them, everything else can improve as well.

Complete the Wheel of Life exercise and evaluate where you are in each of these important areas of your life…

The Wheel of Life Exercise — A Process of Self-Discovery  

Begin by drawing this wheel on a sheet of paper. It will give you a “snapshot” of your current life and your values.   
You can then focus your attention and intention on one or more of these 9 key areas of your life.

Draw a small circle in the center and label it “Source” to represent your connection to life itself and to your
connection with your inner guidance system.

Write the name of the remaining 8 keys in the segments of the wheel.

Explore and examine each area. Inquire. What’s at stake here?
What would having this part of you better do for you?
How are you doing right now with this? How capable are you? How fulfilled? Is anything missing?

Next, place a dot inside each section of your wheel indicating how satisfied you are right now with that aspect of your life.
The center of the circle is a zero (no satisfaction), and the outside of the circle is a ten (totally satisfied).

If you are partly satisfied, your dot will go somewhere between the circumference and the center.
The lower your level of satisfaction, the closer your dot will be to the center of the circle.
The more your level of satisfaction in this area, the closer your dot will be to the outside of the circle.

Then, connect the dots with a line and look at the “big picture”.  The segments show you where you are now and where you want to be.

What area lights up for you?

Contact me if you would like expert support and guidance in uplifting any area of your life, especially the basics of food, water and air.

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