Guided conscious breathing can provide deep healing, real ease and permanent transformation. 

Breathwork sessions are facilitated in person or via video conferencing.

My experience with breathwork as a healing modality began in 1993 when I met, studied with, and promoted the work of Dr. Judith Kravitz, founder of the Transformational Breath Foundation.  The first weekend training with Judi in 1993 was pivotal in directing the course of my holistic private practice.

Since then I have studied with founders and practitioners of a variety of breathwork techniques, especially Transformational Breath, Rebirthing and Holotropic Breathwork.   I have led hundreds of one on one breathwork sessions and facilitated groups of as many as 30 people by myself or with one assistant over the past two and half decades. 

The benefits I’ve experienced and witnessed with breathwork include finding and healing the core of pain and suffering, letting go of past hurts, experiencing profound love, forgiveness, increased awareness, insight, intuition, stress relief, pain relief, and a greater level of trust and happiness, no matter what. Most people cry and laugh in a breathwork session.  Most of them say “Wow” when they are finished.