Using kinesiology skillfully…

is like having your own modem to your innate intelligence, direct access to your body’s wisdom and your inner guidance system.  We can solve chronic problems naturally and safely, as well as prevent new ones when we use kinesiology to determine or confirm our choices.

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How to start using a pendulum, part 1.

How to start using a pendulum, part 2.

I value my good health and my ability to be my own doctor more than words can express.  

I am grateful that I can also help other people have a higher quality of life…naturally.

It can be confusing, expensive, disappointing and scary when we have health problems we can’t solve or pain that won’t go away.

It’s even worse when we think we “have tried everything”, and we don’t know what to do.

We can discover what exactly is needed in a comprehensive, holistic and natural way with kinesiology.

Using kinesiology is how I confidently make choices for myself and how I am confident that my recommendations to my clients are optimal.

The body knows.  And it is always communicating.

Whatever you call it — kinesiology, muscle response testing, reflex testing, intuition, dowsing, or biofeedback — it works if you do it well.

Kinesiology plus research and accurate knowledge has been the answer to all the health problems I’ve had since 1988.

It has ended the confusion and dead ends for me and my clients.  It can help you find the answers you seek, as well.  

Kinesiology plus the cornucopia of natural healing arts and sciences gave me  relief from 7 years of excruciating back cramps that was sheer torture from 1981-1988.   

Muscle response testing revealed the underlying cause and the natural remedies that I needed.

I didn’t need adjustments.  I didn’t need acupuncture.  I didn’t need surgery.  I had parasites!  I needed to get rid of the parasites!

Using the herbs my body selected through muscle response testing ended that 7 year long ordeal in 2 weeks!  

I immediately began an in depth study of kinesiology that has never ended, so I could do muscle response testing for myself and my clients.

I pretty much test EVERYTHING, and I suggest you do, too.

I am so grateful to know how to test my response to things for myself, BEFORE I DO THEM, especially in crises. 

Things could have turned out badly for me a few times, but didn’t, because I know how to make only good choices.  

One such critical time was in 1997 when I got bitten by a poisonous snake. 

I might have died if I hadn’t tested what the emergency room doc and trauma docs recommended and treated it myself, naturally, instead.

Their recommendations were actually contraindicated for me!

Trust BUT VERIFY is my motto.

I have used kinesiology for myself and hundreds of clients with problems big and small for over 30 years. 

I am still frequently amazed at how quickly and economically even chronic and longstanding problems can resolve when we know precisely what to do and not do about them.  

Cookbook approaches and one size fits all health care just don’t work very well.

But precision does.

You can learn how to use kinesiology for your self-care, health and well-being, and that’s what this site and my services are all about. 

We can test our food, water, remedies, treatments, supplements, ideas, and other choices before making them.

This means better outcomes than when we guess, follow the crowd, research endlessly, or trust other peoples’ opinions in determining how to take care of ourselves.  

How great is this? 

We can tune into and interpret our body’s subtle responses to stuff.

We can know whether something is beneficial or harmful before doing it or eating it.  

Would you like to know what to do when a problem arises or when you are coming down with something? 

How will your life be better when you learn how to make great choices in matters big and small, all the time, every day? 

Kinesiology Simplified is a cool tool for sure, and I am happy to share my work and my home study course with you.

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