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While I recommend a concentrated program that addresses all 9 key areas of well-being and teaching you how to test things energetically for your own best choices, I realize sometimes you just want an intervention.  So we can start small, with a problem or two that you really want to solve, and as our journey together unfolds, you may want more.

Mentoring with Dr. Janet

Private personal holistic healthy choices coaching
and support.


Deep healing, real-ease and transformation. In person or video conferencing.

Kinesiology Simplified

Learn to always know what to do or not do for your highest good.

Ask Dr. Janet

Get holistic "second opinions" from a doctor of natural medicine and master kinesiologist.

Custom Health Strategies

Solve current concerns and prevent future problems with precision.

Natural Preparedness

Equip your home, car and travel bag with a natural farmacy/first aid kit and vital tools for ease and success.

How Services Are Rendered

My clients and I work together to craft, implement, and optimize a unique, holistic, natural self-healthcare program.  You won’t have to wonder if you are doing the right things or not.  You can know your choices are the best ones, and I will teach you how to always know what’s best.  If you want to work with me one on one (remotely via phone and internet or in person) we will craft your own unique recipe, one step at a time.  You set the pace, you choose what we focus on.  I offer my guidance, knowledge, expertise and example to help you take superb care of yourself!  I will do this with you or for you at first.  You learn from me how to make great choices.  If you like I will show you how to test your food, drinks, personal care products, home care products, environments, options, pretty much everything, wisely by how I do it for you.  I know the challenges and ways through them as you learn to do it for yourself more skillfully over time.

We use a combination of phone, text, voice messaging, video, email, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp — whatever’s best.  Text makes it convenient for us to stay in touch and for me to respond quickly to your messages.  I believe you will see how well it works for you, too.  If we need to talk in real time, we will.  I answer your questions and provide pertinent information so you understand and can implement all the parts of your own unique holistic program so you can achieve your health and well being goals quickly, economically and permanently.


Initial Consultation

I offer an initial phone or video conferencing consultation to understand what you want, share some holistic possibilities you might not be aware of, identify specific basic steps to implement right away, and determine a plan of action for our time together, if you wish to work with me.

During this session you share with me what you are looking for, what’s going on now, and how high a priority real change is to you.    I provide insights and suggestions that will make a difference for you, whether we continue our work together or not. If you are interested in more, and we are a good match, I will propose a couple of options for you to consider.  Please allow 45 minutes for this consultation where you will not be disturbed, and you can focus only on you.  I charge $50 for this consultation so we both have skin in the game.   You may apply the $50 to any of my services, water filters or coaching packages.  If you are not happy with your consultation, I will refund your $50.  Just ask.


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I request payment for services in advance, and I offer packages for best results and economy.  Payment plans are available if you need them.   If you have true financial hardship I will do my best to work with you so you can have the benefit of my work.

You can use or other online payment systems. 

Payment for my services as well as donations of any size are always appreciated and help me help people who can’t pay me.  I have donated hundreds of hours of free services to people in need.  People who do pay me help make this possible.

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Common Sense Disclaimer:  You are responsible for your health and wellbeing. No one else can be.  You have the power to choose wisely.  Your level of accuracy using the techniques taught by Dr. Janet Orion is entirely determined by your own effort, clarity and skill in learning and mastering the concepts and the steps.  You and you alone are responsible for the outcomes of your choices for health and wellbeing.  Please take all necessary actions to ensure that you are making good decisions for yourself.   The information and the skills shared on this site are for educational purposes only.  These techniques are not intended to diagnose or treat any disease, nor are they a substitute for sound, prudent, medical examinations, lab work, diagnosis and/or treatment.  Always seek competent medical assistance for any health problems you may be experiencing or problems you choose to avoid.  The recommendations Dr. Janet Orion offers are often highly valuable to people and can facilitate quick and economical resolution of all kinds of painful problems, annoying issues and dangerous situations.  However, it is up to you to determine if those recommendations are in your best interest.  Second opinions are always good.  Information is power.  Informed consent or refusal is your responsiblity.  Use of my information, recommendations and/or services signifies your acceptance of this responsibility for yourself.