My story…

l am Dr. Janet Leslie Orion.

My life experiences and education have turned me into a natural medicine woman.

I was raised in a middle class American post World War II culture of “modern” food and “modern” medicine for
the first 21 years of my life.

I have spent the last 50+ years learning about health, life, and how to be self-reliant in my natural healthcare.

My beautiful mother had a radical mastectomy when I was 15.  Mom was 43.

My father put a bullet through his head and killed himself, less than two years later.

I got shocked awake by this double whammy to how toxic our world is and I vowed to find out what I can do about that.

Since 1972, I have been learning and sharing this knowledge with other people who want to be healthy in body, mind and soul in one way or another.

I got serious about getting a real education in natural health arts and sciences because I wanted to help others be healthy too.

After dabbling in natural health for many years, I enrolled in chiropractic school, where I spent 40 grueling months of intense study.

During pretty much the entire 4 years of school, I had recurrent muscle spasms in my lower back that would drop me to the floor and
incapacitate me for days.

I suffered from intense itching, and I just couldn’t lose weight.

Here’s one of my only remaining fat photos.  I destroyed the rest of them out of shame and embarassment, but here you go.
Been there done that.  Truth be told.

My most pressing question all during chiropractic school was…

“How am I going to know what my clients need?”

No one was helping me with my horrible back pain.

How would I know what to do for other people?

Then, I got my answer.  Kinesiology!

Muscle testing revealed why I had such terrible back pain.

It was parasites, specifically beef tapeworms.

I shared mangoes and a creek with 3 cows during the summer of 1975 in Kalalau Valley on Kauai.

Imagine how grateful I was that 7 solid years of excruciating, painful, tortuous back pain and lingering health problems all ended through natural remedies identified by kinesiology in less than 2 weeks.

Finally finding relief set me on my life path of learning, practicing and teaching kinesiology to people who really want to know what’s best for them.

I hope that what I tell you about myself will help you have a more wonderful and healthy life.

I overcame SAD, the Standard American Diet, with the obesity, sickness, family pain, my mom’s breast cancer and my dad’s suicide.

Kinesiology allowed me to handle crises naturally.

I handled crises naturally like my own malignant melanoma and other skin cancers, a rattlesnake bite, years of intense itching, three bouts of stress induced pericarditis and a few other things that would send most people to the ER.

I am grateful for my years of study and practice.  I learned the hard way!

You can learn the easier way.  How?

You can learn to make better choices by modeling what I do with kinesiology.

You can learn these conscious choicemaking tools.  You can let me guide you in some of your process.

I demonstrate, teach and promote personal self-reliance, so you become masterful in choosing which natural health product or tool to use each step of the way.

Optimal self-health is a process and a puzzle of sorts — one unique to each person.

Together we craft a healthy lifestyle that precisely fits you.

You can learn how to do much of your self-healthcare for yourself, by making those optimal choices in the 9 key areas of your life.

My commitment to health, personal growth and development has kept me on a path of perpetual learning and sharing since the early 1970’s.

I have attended, taught, facilitated, and assisted in many live health and personal growth workshops and private retreats.

I have tens of thousands of hours of research online and continue to look for the latest and best.

I’ve racked up a few thousand hours of clinical experience along the way so if you want a second opinion from a holistic, natural perspective,

I could be the resource you seek.

I am available to coach, support and cheer you on, as you up-level your life, your health and your well-being.

Cutting through the confusing array of opinions, isms, protocols and products can be mind boggling, disappointing and even dangerous.

Merging sound knowledge with tuning in to your body’s wisdom, through kinesiology, reveals the best next step and
what to avoid, too!

Health is largely an inside job.

The skills you learn working with me can grow, expand and benefit you for the rest of your life!

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